So Net Neutrality

Some corporations are asking for impressively big changes to the internet, which would be devastating to an awful lot of people and websites. Basically, if I’m reading it correctly, sites would have to pay [insert company here] in order to load well.  It would open the door to a lot of corruption, and even seems designed for it imho…

SO there is a letter one can sign on this website, and the same website also has resources for calling politicians and stuff. I guess a whole bunch of sites participated in Internet Slowdown Day, too, which KnowYourMeme has written about here. (The one day I’m not on the internet orz ah well.)

As the KnowYourMeme article says, the deadline for sending in letters/calling/etc. is September 15th (this Monday coming up). So, if you want to take action and haven’t already, I recommend doing so soon.





How Canadians are hatched.

The eggs are laid in mudbeds in the early fall, and will hatch mid-winter as Pucklings to forage for syrup amongst the elk.

can my Canadian friends confirm or deny this?

I remember my first ice patch, it was magical

I still remember the day of my hatching. As I broke through the ice I saw the figure of something not exactly human. It was the Alpha Moose.  The leader of the Moose pack that raised me until my 10th birthday, when they released me into the city, to live among the humans.

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Jack Harkness is probably the reason why bilateral symmetry is the template for all intelligent lifeforms in this series’ universe.

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one making this theory while watching Utopia in Season 3.

…Captain Jack Harkness brings a whole new meaning to the term “fucking with the timestream.”

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For funnygeekpics. ♥︎ Thank you for sharing your stories!

It’s so beautiful! And turning the B into a heart is just adorable. <3

Below the cut, I shall tell the story for anyone wondering~

One Volunteer’s Experience with the Central American Refugees

I’m back, everyone! It turns out we didn’t work at the food bank very much. Instead, we worked directly with the refugees by giving them food, clothes, a shower, hygenic stuff (brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.), a telephone call (to either their home country or the USA, their choice), a place for everyone to rest, a place for the kids to play, a backpack for all their stuff, a “snack bag” with sandwiches and a water bottle, a blanket, and basically lots of support while they waited for their bus to take them to their new home.

Since there seems to be a lot of second-hand and third-hand information about the refugee crisis, please feel free to reblog this! I’m speaking from my experience, from the other volunteers’ experiences, and from what the refugees have said.

Details after the cut!

If Kurogane becomes/turns out to have become addicted to alcohol, I will personally write a fic about everyone else going to Al-Anon, up to and including Seishirou because it would be hilarious. Not sure how to actually get Seishirou in a meeting though, maybe because he heard that Subaru and Kamui were going (read: Subaru dragged Kamui, who thought the whole thing was ridiculous but), and he goes to like 50 different places around the world trying to find the one where the vampire twins are going but the whole anonymity thing gets in the way and he never ever finds them

He does run into the Tsubasa crew though (probably minus Kurogane), not sure how that’s gonna go but probably civilly bc he wants the cooperation of the other people there???

Omg maybe he’ll run into every character except the twins like he can be the Miyuki-chan of this fic

I am liking where this is going.






  • Kurogane (grumpily playing) carnival games to win all the ridiculous prizes because Fai and Mokona wants them badly

Kurogane starting to get overly competitive with the carnival games

Hell yeah he does. Kurogane is ridiculously competitive, and whenever Fai beats him in a game, he pulls out more money. Syaoran has to stop him from wasting their funds.

Kurogane is ridiculously competitive, yet he’s okay with coming in second after the mage (like the race in Piffle - it was fine if Fai was ahead but not the other competitors)

I think it’s the sillier the contest the more he’d hate to lose. Race for Sakura’s feather? Fai can win, so long as it’s one of them. Skipping coins over plates? Hell no he’s winning this fuck off mage.

So if Kurogane is confirmed to be an alcoholic, does this mean the entire Tsubasa fandom will qualify for Al-Anon?




Alright no more alcoholic/alcoholic-to-be!Kurogane talk. I hereby ban it because it makes me sad. Instead we’re gonna talk about only happy Kurogane things. Like:

  • Kurogane getting excited over an encyclopedia about reptiles that he can read
  • Kurogane cooking dinner for everyone when they’re in a world with food similar to Nihon (while giving Fai cooking lessons)
  • Kurogane and Syaoran still having sword training/practice because he still has things he can teach Syaoran
  • Kurogane in silly hats that Fai brings home and makes him wear
  • Kurogane picking up trinkets that he knows Fai and/or Syaoran will like while he’s out about town
  • Kurogane picking flowers to have Fai send to Sakura (because they totally send her gifts sometimes to show they’re thinking of her)
  • Kurogane getting along with small children everywhere they go because he’s a big kid himself and he’s just so good with them
  • Kurogane telling the family funny stories from his childhood and time with Tomoyo over dinners
  • Kurogane brushing Fai’s hair
  • Kurogane brushing Mokona after she insists she’s next
  • Kurogane teaching Mokona how to play travel games he knows from home

Feel free to add your own happy Kurogane thoughts

  • Kurogane resuming the manga series as soon as he sees a copy in whatever world they are in
  • Kurogane building doghouses for an animal shelter
  • Kurogane totally buying tourists gear and toting them because he thinks that’s what all visitors normally do (x)
  • Kurogane (grumpily playing) carnival games to win all the ridiculous prizes because Fai and Mokona wants them badly
  • Kurogane throwing a blanket over Syaoran when he fell asleep at the table reading books into the wee hours
  • Kurogane winning carnival prizes for little kids who are eyeing them up but can’t win the games
  • Kurogane teaching little kids ways to beat the rigged games and watching as they win every time
  • Kurogane sampling all of the strange new foods in all the worlds they go to
  • Kurogane meeting a dragon and being very respectful while being very very excited (Syaoran and Fai being impressed by his manners)
  • Kurogane singing as he does household chores and not realizing it until he hears Fai humming along
  • Kurogane and Mokona swapping drinking songs
  • Kurogane learning how to read Celestian and other languages from Fai and Syaoran
  • Kurogane teaching Fai kanji